Spotify Releases ‘Car Thing’ Device

After an exclusivity period, the device is now on general sale.

After an exclusivity period, the device is now on general sale.

Last year, music streaming service Spotify unveiled the “Car Thing,” a device designed for a car’s dashboard that would allow a driver to quickly and easily control the Spotify app on their phone without taking their eyes off the road or hands off the wheel. The device is named as such since Spotify knew everyone would just call the device “the car thing” no matter what they actually named it.

The Car Thing was only available in limited quantities for the past year, with influencers and those on waitlists getting first dibs. Today, though, the device has officially launched to the general public and can be purchased from most major retailers. The Car Thing costs $89.99 USD, a $10 increase over its initial advertised price released back in October. In addition to the actual Car Thing device, a purchase gets you a clamp to mount it to your car’s dashboard, a USB car charger to keep the device powered. The Car Thing can’t actually run Spotify by itself; it requires a Bluetooth-connected phone to act as a medium between it and the car’s systems. The Car Thing offers a combination of physical, touch, and voice controls to ensure the easiest possible command over one’s Spotify playlist on the road.

Spotify is currently working on additional updates for the Car Thing, such as additional voice commands and a night mode.

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