Uber Strikes Deal with New York Taxis

Uber will list taxis on its app.

Uber will list taxis on its app.

Since its founding in 2009, Uber has had a rocky relationship with existing taxi infrastructures around the United States, and especially in New York City, one of the biggest taxi hubs in the world. Taxi companies and drivers have expressed frustration with the rideshare service, as they have lost many customers to its convenient design.

In an effort to preserve one of New York’s signature industries, Uber has inked a new deal with the city’s taxis to help them get work through Uber’s own app, a service that the company already offers in several other countries. Two taxi-hailing apps, owned by Curb and Creative Mobile Technologies, will be integrating their services with Uber’s, allowing users to hail both regular rideshares and yellow taxis all through the Uber app.

“This is a real win for drivers – no longer do they have to worry about finding a fare during off peak times or getting a street hail back to Manhattan when in the outerboroughs,” said Guy Peterson, Uber’s director of business development, in a statement. “And this is a real win for riders who will now have access to thousands of yellow taxis in the Uber app.”

This updated service will be available on the Uber app in the next few months.

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