iOS Update to Add Digital Vaccine Cards to Apple Wallet

You'll be able to use your phone in lieu of a physical card.

You’ll be able to use your phone in lieu of a physical card.

Certain states around the United States have have been enacting vaccine proof requirements to enter certain businesses and locations. This includes things like concert venues, restaurants, public gyms, and more. While everyone who has been fully vaccinated received a physical vaccine card, in the event the card is lost or damaged, it can be very difficult to replace. It’s for this reason that Apple is taking vaccine cards digital.

A recent update to iOS 15 features some tweaks to Apple Wallet, which now allows you to store driver’s licenses and digital keys. Piggybacking off of that, Apple is working on an additional update that will allow you to keep a digital copy of your vaccination card in your Apple Wallet, as well as COVID tests and other health records. The framework will utilize the SMART Health Cards national standard, which allows you to verify the information with a digital signature.

Any records stored on Apple Wallet can be retrieved as either downloadable files or as QR codes, and they can also be shared with health professionals you’ve authorized. Speaking of, Apple has promised that they will not access any medical data, as it will all be heavily encrypted. The only people who can see your data are the ones you personally authorize.

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