Former President Barack Obama Tests Positive for COVID-19

He has some symptoms, but is otherwise okay.

He has some symptoms, but is otherwise okay.

This morning, former United States President Barrack Obama announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19. According to a post he made on his Twitter, Obama has been experiencing some mild symptoms, mostly in his throat, but is otherwise okay. Both Obama and his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama, are vaccinated and boosted against the virus, which is what Obama credits for his mild symptoms and his wife’s negative test.

“I just tested positive for COVID,” Obama wrote. “I’ve had a scratchy throat for a couple days, but am feeling fine otherwise. Michelle and I are grateful to be vaccinated and boosted, and she has tested negative.

“It’s a reminder to get vaccinated if you haven’t already, even as cases go down.”

While Obama is over 60 years old, placing him in the high-risk category for vulnerability to the disease, he does maintain a fairly healthy and active lifestyle. Obama was known for regularly playing basketball during his time in office.

This is the second time a US President, current or former, has tested positive for COVID-19, with the first instance being former President Donald Trump’s positive diagnosis in 2020, for which he was hospitalized and ultimately recovered from.

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