Soccer Federations Promise Safe Games in Mexico

The US and Mexico federations have assured that safety measures are being taken.

The US and Mexico federations have assured that safety measures are being taken.

The World Cup qualifier rounds will be held in Mexico City at Estadio Azteca on March 24. Ahead of this game, the US Soccer Federation and the Mexico Football Federation have issued a joint statement that this event will be certifiably safe for both spectators and players.

This assurance follows an incident at the Liga MX last weekend, where multiple large brawls erupted in the spectator stands, ultimately requiring 26 people to undergo medical treatment and leading to 14 arrests.

“As we prepare for our upcoming World Cup Qualifier against Mexico at Estadio Azteca on March 24, we want to pause to express our thoughts over the unbearable and horrific tragedy that occurred at a league match in Queretaro this past weekend,” the joint statement reads.

“US Soccer has spoken to Mexican Football Federation officials, who have assured us that the US and Mexican fans, teams and players alike will safely experience one of the world’s biggest national team rivalries in sports, as has been the case at Estadio Azteca for past matches.”

The USSF went on to say that they “feel strongly that the pain resulting from the heartbreaking violence at Estadio Corregidora is not Mexico’s alone to bear. While we are opponents on the field of play, it’s important to remember that soccer is a global community, and our bond transcends rivalries, competition and results. Our thoughts are with the fans and families affected, and we stand by to support our friends in Mexico within the game and beyond.”

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