Washington Football Team to Reveal New Name in February

The nameless team will receive its new moniker next month.

The nameless team will receive its new moniker next month.

Back in 2020, Washington’s official NFL team, the Washington Redskins, changed their name to the placeholder “Washington Football Team” in response to mounting criticisms about the offensive iconography of their former team name and logo. Since then, the team has been quietly pouring through a massive list of potential replacements, gradually striking ideas off. It seems that, after two years, the new name is nearly at hand.

Jason Wright, President of the Washington Football Team, announced today that the team will be revealing its new name and logo on February 22, 2022.

“Understanding the weight and importance of our team name, and excitement around other name options — both internally and within our fan base — we didn’t want to risk going down a route that could be dotted with legal hurdles,” Wright said. “The prospect of years of litigation wasn’t something that we wanted you, our fans, to have to bear as you begin to embrace a new brand.”

“We are confident that this identity is one that our team and our fans across D.C., Maryland, Virginia and beyond can rally behind for another 90 years and more as we continue to cheer on the Burgundy & Gold in this next chapter,” Wright said.

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