Apple Allegedly Testing E Ink Foldable

Apple may incorporate E Ink tech into the outer display of a folding smartphone.

Apple may incorporate E Ink tech into the outer display of a folding smartphone.

Most commercial models of folding smartphone utilize an OLED outer panel display alongside the regular inner display. These screens are supposed to allow users to check their notifications quickly without having to open the device, though the screens tend to be a bit inefficient in regards to power usage. According to a new rumor, Apple may be concocting a solution to this.

According to tech industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is developing a new outer display for folding smartphones that utilizes an E Ink display instead of an OLED screen. E Ink is the company that creates the simple monochrome displays used in tablet readers like Amazon’s Kindle line, though they have also begun creating color displays as well. While these screens are less vibrant and responsive than OLED screens, they load much faster and consume far less energy, which could be ideal for a screen that you only look at for a few moments.

“Apple is testing E Ink’s Electronic Paper Display (EPD) for future foldable device’s cover screen & tablet-like applications,” Kuo explained in a tweet. “The color EPD has the potential to become a mainstream solution for foldable devices’ must-have cover/second screen thanks to its excellent power-saving.”

Apple has yet to join the emerging trend of folding smartphones, but if this rumor is true, it could be one of the aces it needs to stand out from the crowd, not to mention make up for showing up late to the bandwagon.

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