How to Complete the Citizen Quest in Roblox Blox Fruits

There's always a citizen with some kinda problem.
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For as long as the concept of RPGs has existed, there have been random NPCs screaming their heads off about something bad happening in their place of residence. Blox Fruits has these kinds of NPCs too, and considering how the Straw Hats often bumble into trouble in One Piece, it’s definitely apropos. It’s a bit of a hassle, but hey, you usually get something cool out of it! Here’s how to complete the Citizen quest in Roblox Blox Fruits.

How to Complete the Citizen Quest in Roblox Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, there’s a particular NPC located on the Floating Turtle named Citizen. Or, well, that’s probably not their name, but that’s all we can identify them as so that’s what we’ll call them. They’re hanging out near the entrance to the Third Sea Mansion safe zone, and they’re easily identifiable by their blue outfit and rabbit ears. If you’re below level 1800, they’ll be too busy screaming about the village being attacked to acknowledge you, but if you’re above the required level, they’ll task you with clearing out the aforementioned attackers.

The Citizen quest is a three-part endeavor, requiring you to defeat enemies and find a hidden object. If you can complete all of these tasks, you’ll be on the path toward obtaining the Instinct V2 ability from the Hungry Man NPC, also found on the Floating Turtle. Your three tasks are:

  • Defeat the Forest Pirates
  • Defeat Captain Elephant
  • Find the Musketeer Hat

Defeat the Forest Pirates

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Credit: Gamer Robot Inc

The first order of business is to clear out the Forest Pirates hanging out near the Third Sea Mansion, not far from the Citizen. You need to defeat 50 of them in total; they’ll use Aura-enhanced Katanas, so you can’t rely on Elemental Fruit damage immunity, but other than that, they’re nothing to write home about. Dispatch them the same way you would any other NPC.

Defeat Captain Elephant

Next, you need to defeat the Captain Elephant boss, a level 1875 boss who spawns in off to the right of where the Forest Pirates are every 30 minutes. Like the Forest Pirates, he’s packing Aura in his blades, alongside powerful, wide-reaching moves. He’s got a direct kicking attack, as well as a wide-reaching spinning attack. For the kick, just dodge to the side when he tries to punt you. For the cyclone, try to put some distance between the two of you and fight at long range, if you can. Long-ranged Fruits and combat abilities will be invaluable here; just hang far enough out of his reach to avoid the spin and dodge whenever he warms up his kick, peppering him with ranged attacks the rest of the time.

Find the Musketeer Hat

Your final task is to recover the Musketeer Hat. The hat is hidden in a small nook behind a false wall. You can find this wall directly in front of the entrance to the Third Sea Mansion, behind a handful of giant mushrooms. Attack the surface of the dark grey wall to reveal the nook, then shove it out of the way to find the secret compartment containing the Musketeer Hat.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the Hungry Man quest and moving you a step closer to obtaining Instinct V2, completing all of the Citizen’s tasks will reward you with 150,000 Beli and 350,000,000 EXP. You’ll also get to keep the Musketeer Hat, which grants you the Main Character Title. Turns out that helping out random panicking NPCs is a great moneymaking endeavor!

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