New Jersey Offers Non-Binary Gender Choice on Driver’s Licenses

New Jersey Joins Growing List of States Offering "X" Gender Designation for Driver's Licenses and Other Identification

New Jersey Joins Growing List of States Offering “X” Gender Designation for Driver’s Licenses and Other Identification

As many as 19 other states have implemented the new standards, residents of New Jersey’s LGBTQ+ community celebrate the massive hurdles removed by the state’s decision. The change is a significant move for communities that do not identify with traditional gender categories or those who would like to keep their gender unspecified on their state and government identification. And passports may soon follow the increasing number of documents that contain an option to select “X” as the gender alongside the original Male and Female identifiers.

Earlier regulations for passports allowed individuals to switch genders from male or female with medical documentation of sex reassignment surgery; however, this creates a barrier for those who are intersex or identify as non-binary. Many believe this update will not only enhance access to occupation, benefits, and living accommodations for LGBTQ+ individuals, but it will also provide credentials that truly express who they are. Activists are urging U.S. officials to implement the third gender option policy on a federal level, impacting social security cards, birth certificates, and passports.

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