Senate Passes Bill for Permanent Daylight Saving Time

Clocks would no longer need to be adjusted if the bill became law.

Clocks would no longer need to be adjusted if the bill became law.

Recently, the United States Senate voted unanimously to pass the Sunshine Protection Act, a bill that, if it were to pass into law, would make daylight saving time the permanent time standard for the entire United States, eliminating the need to adjust clocks in the spring and fall.

“You’ll see it’s an eclectic collection of members of the United States Senate in favor of what we’ve just done here in the Senate, and that’s to pass a bill to make Daylight Savings Time permanent,” Florida Republican senator Marco Rubio, one of the bill’s major sponsors, said. “Just this past weekend, we all went through that biannual ritual of changing the clock back and forth and the disruption that comes with it. And one has to ask themselves after a while why do we keep doing it?”

“If we can get this passed, we don’t have to keep doing this stupidity anymore,” added Rubio.

In the event that the bill passes the House of Representatives and is signed into law by President Joe Biden, the change would not go into effect until November of 2023. This delay would be to facilitate proper scheduling adjustments with the United States’ transportation industry.