Netflix Adds ‘Play Something’ Feature to Mobile App

For when you want to watch something but can't be bothered to actually pick.

For when you want to watch something but can’t be bothered to actually pick.

Part of the appeal of Netflix is being able to leave a show on all day, either to binge or just have some background noise while you do something else. The only hitch to this is that you still have to pick a show or movie to watch yourself. The Netflix app’s newest feature seeks to take the pain of decision away from you and just roll a die.

After testing the feature back in April, Netflix has officially added the “Play Something” feature to its Android mobile app, as well as supported smart TVs. Just tap the button, and Netflix will select a show or movie from its catalog at random based on your previous viewing habits. The feature is only for Android and TVs right now; the iOS version will be coming at an unspecified later date.

Additionally, Netflix is adding the “Fast Laughs” feature to the Android app, which was already on iOS. When used, Fast Laughs will show a series of highlight clips from comedy movies and shows, as well as standup specials. The clips are all fairly short and cycle randomly, so it’s helpful for when you want a quick chuckle but don’t want to sit through a whole show.

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