Joseph Morgan in Halo 2

Joseph Morgan, known for his role “Klaus Mikaelson” has returned to the small screen in the highly anticipated second season of "Halo."

Credit: Unsplash

Joseph Morgan, known for his role “Klaus Mikaelson” has returned to the screen in the highly anticipated second season of “Halo.”

Playing a villainous character is not new to Joseph Morgan, who has a penchant for portraying characters with complex and multifaceted personalities. His latest role in “Halo” as James Ackerson sees him playing a character that initially seems to be a villain, only to reveal deeper layers as the series progresses.

In an interview with EW, Morgan discusses the complexities of his character and how it differs from his previous roles. He also shares his excitement about fans discovering the depth of Ackerson’s character and how it will impact the rest of the season.

Morgan, who is a fan of the “Halo” games, revealed that he played “Halo: Reach” to immerse himself in the world before shooting for the series. He praised the dense mythology and lore surrounding the games, showing his dedication to the source material.

With a dedicated fan base from his previous roles, Morgan is eager for fans to see the nuances in his portrayal of Ackerson. He describes his character as someone who initially appears to be a villain but is much more complex than that. He wants fans to be surprised by how they connect with Ackerson and discover the differences between him and previous characters he’s played.

Morgan explains that Ackerson’s decision to evacuate himself and a select few others from Reach, rather than alerting the general public or trying to save all the innocent people on the planet, was a difficult one. He emphasizes that this decision will haunt his character and have a significant impact on the rest of the season.

In the aftermath of this decision, characters must deal with the consequences and new threats. For Ackerson, this decision leads him to question the truth and his role in the events that transpire.

Overall, Morgan is excited for fans to see how everything comes to a head in the final episode of the season and how the series subverts expectations in episode 8.