2025 Camry Goes All-In on Hybrids

America's Favorite Car, the Camry, Takes a Green Turn with Hybrid-Only 2025 Model.
Toyota camry

Credit: Unsplash

America’s Favorite Car, the Camry, Takes a Green Turn with Hybrid-Only 2025 Model.

In a groundbreaking announcement, Toyota, the pioneer in hybrid technology, has revealed that the redesigned 2025 Camry, America’s best-selling car, will be exclusively offered as a hybrid model. This strategic shift signifies Toyota’s confidence in the widespread acceptance of hybrid technology among consumers.

The decision to make the Camry hybrid-only aligns with Toyota’s commitment to incorporating hybrid options across its entire vehicle lineup. Mike Tripp, Group Vice President for Toyota Marketing, emphasized the company’s extensive experience in the hybrid space, dating back to the first Prius in 2000.

Tyson Jominy, an industry analyst with J.D. Power, remarked on Toyota’s move, stating, “It’s expected of Toyota. I don’t think it’s really unconventional.” This move follows Toyota’s long history with hybrid technology, with the Prius being one of the first hybrids in the U.S. market and a symbol of the brand’s commitment to innovation.

The Camry, a perennial best-seller for the past 22 years, will join other Toyota models like the Sienna minivan, Venza SUV, and Sequoia full-sized SUV, which are exclusively available as hybrids. While the Camry has been offered in a hybrid version since 2007, the 2025 model will mark a significant shift as it becomes the standard offering.

Contrary to the trend in the electric vehicle market, Toyota’s hybrid models continue to maintain strong demand. Recent data from Edmunds.com indicates that customers are willing to pay up to 2.5% over the manufacturer’s sticker price for Toyota’s hybrid models, showcasing the enduring appeal and understanding of hybrid technology.

Mike Tripp highlighted the sustained demand for Toyota’s hybrid models, stating, “Demand continues to outstrip supply at this point.” The new Camry, like other Toyota hybrid models, will not be a plug-in hybrid, emphasizing ease of use for customers who simply need to fill up with gasoline.

In addition to the Camry announcement, Toyota introduced another hybrid-only SUV model, the Crown Signia, an upscale all-wheel-drive crossover SUV with styling akin to Toyota’s hybrid-only Crown sedan.