How to Get Love Fruit in Roblox Blox Fruits

All you need is love.

Credit: Gamer Robot Inc.

In One Piece, the ruler of Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock, uses the power of the Love-Love Fruit, allowing her to turn anyone who is attracted to her to stone. It’s a dangerous ability, especially with her legendarily good looks, though obviously, just turning people to stone forever wouldn’t make for a very balanced video game ability. Luckily, the Love Fruit in Blox Fruits is more fair while still being quite powerful. Here’s how to get the Love Fruit in Blox Fruits.

How to Get Love Fruit in Roblox Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, the Love Fruit is a Legendary-quality Fruit with a power set inspired by Boa Hancock’s abilities, yet with a few unique twists of its own. It used to be a Rare-quality Fruit with a different moveset, but after 2023’s Valentine’s Day event, it was completely overhauled into its newer, better state. You can still see the old version of it by fighting the Island Empress boss on Hydra Island, though.

Like other Legendary-quality Fruits, getting your hands on a Love Fruit isn’t a simple endeavor. The only real ways to get your hands on it, or any Legendary fruit for that matter, are to be exceptionally lucky or exceptionally wealthy. The ways you can get a Love Fruit include:

  • Finding it under a tree after a random spawn (7.75% chance)
  • Purchasing it from the Blox Fruit Dealer for 1,300,000 Beli when it’s in stock (8% chance) or for 1,700 Robux when it’s not
  • Receiving one as a random, low-chance reward from clearing a Ship Raid or dealing the most damage in a Factory Raid

Love Fruit Moveset

Credit: Gamer Robot Inc.

Here are the moves available in the Love Fruit’s kit:

  • (Z) Heart Shot: Fire off a heart-shaped bullet that flies in a straight line and explodes on contact.
  • (X) Cupid Zone: Launch a heart arrow into the air that, after a moment, rains perfume shots onto the ground in a large radius.
  • (C) Irresistible Attraction: Create a big circle around yourself that, when released, forcefully drags any enemies in its radius toward you while damaging them. Hold down to charge up, increasing the damage and size of the circle.
  • (V) Besto Friendo: Fire off a damaging heart that bursts and transforms into a duplicate of someone from your friend list. This duplicate will automatically attack enemies with a canvander sword, with its damage scaling off your level.
  • (F) Flamingo Ride: Summon a flying flamingo that you can ride around on while still using any other combat abilities. If you summon the flamingo next to a friend, they can be picked up and carried as a passenger. The flamingo will disappear if you take damage while riding it.

The Love Fruit is an exceptionally powerful ability set thanks to its quick-launching, wide-radius moves which, incidentally, do still apply a temporary stone affect that paralyzes foes. Besto Friendo alone makes the entire thing worth it, as you don’t need to worry about Devil Fruit points to ensure it deals big, consistent damage. Its only real shortcoming is its weak air game, as the hitboxes on its projectiles can get a bit weird when launched in the air, and the flamingo isn’t hearty enough for a prolonged skirmish.

If you want a Fruit that can kick your enemies’ butts from most angles, then you need to get yourself the power of Love. The Fruit, I mean, not the Huey Lewis song.

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