Is MultiVersus Shutting Down? Answered

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Credit: Warner Bros. Games/Player First Games

Since its open beta launch in July of 2022, Warner Bros. crossover fighting game MultiVersus has managed to build up a respectable playerbase for itself thanks to its new and interesting spin on the tried-and-true platformer battler mechanics pioneered by the Super Smash Bros. series. However, since the game has been in open beta for so long, a lot of us forgot that it actually was an open beta, which is apparently coming to a conclusion. So, is MultiVersus shutting down?

Is MultiVersus Shutting Down? Answered

The answer to that is no… technically. No, MultiVersus is not shutting down entirely, but it is going on… let’s call it a “hiatus” for a little while. The game’s primary developer, Player First Games, recently announced that starting April 4, MultiVersus will be temporarily removed from all digital storefronts, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Those who already had the game registered to their accounts will still be able to download and play online until the servers are deactivated on June 25, after which you’ll only be able to play the offline modes like local matches and the training room.

As Player First Games explained in their blog post on the game’s official site, the game is temporarily shutting down so they can put all the feedback and data they got from this lengthy beta period to work as they prepare for the game’s full and proper launch sometime in 2024. The game’s servers and whatnot will be back eventually, and any progress you made with leveling up your profile, obtaining cosmetics, or progressing Battle Passes, will all carry over when the game re-launches.

Can You Refund MultiVersus Purchases?

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Credit: Warner Bros. Games/Player First Games

Given MultiVersus’s free-to-play design, including premium currencies and Battle Passes, it’s probably a safe bet that some of you have sunk some cash into playing it, possibly even right before this announcement went out. The good news is, as we said, anything you purchased will still be there once the game returns in 2024.

The bad news is that the developers are not offering any particular refund options for those who want their money back. Any potential refunds will be entirely reliant upon the refund policies of the storefronts on which you bought premium content for the game, and as most platforms do not refund DLC outside of extenuating circumstances, that more than likely means you ain’t getting a refund. Again, your stuff will still be there, you just… won’t be able to use it for at least six months after the servers close in June, possibly more.

If you enjoy playing MultiVersus, then be patient, as the game will return in the not-too-distant future. Then you can get back to having Bugs Bunny clock LeBron James over the head with a giant mallet.

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