NATO Raises Military Presence in Eastern Europe

Military force is increasing as a warning to Russia.

Military force is increasing as a warning to Russia.

This morning, NATO announced that they would be increasing their military presence in the vicinity of eastern Europe, including seafaring vessels and fighter jets. This move is being made to send a warning to Russia, who continues to amass their own military personnel on the border of Ukraine with the presumed intention of invading.

As NATO explained, its members are “putting forces on standby and sending additional ships and fighter jets to NATO deployments in eastern Europe, reinforcing Allied deterrence and defence as Russia continues its military build-up in and around Ukraine.”

In response to NATO’s move, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman from the Kremlin, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “taking measures to ensure that our security and our interests are properly protected.”

“Unfortunately, we live in such an aggressive environment. Unfortunately, we are all reading reports that NATO is making certain decisions,” Peskov said. “This is the reality in which we exist.”

Meanwhile, the threat of armed conflict has prompted both the United States and the United Kingdom to withdraw nonessential diplomatic staff from their respective embassies in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Any American citizens currently in Ukraine are being advised by the US State Department to leave the country as soon as possible for their own safety.

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