Law Enforcement Receiving Threats Following Mar-A-Lago Raid

Police and FBI have been receiving escalating threats of violence.

Police and FBI have been monitoring escalating threats of violence.

Earlier this week, FBI agents conducted a raid of former United States President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. The agents had a warrant to search the premises, as Trump was under suspicion of illegally removing classified documents from the White House following his departure from the Presidency in 2020.

Following this raid, calls for protests and acts of violence against authorities including police officers and FBI agents began to increase in online spaces. “Over the last several months, law enforcement officials across the nation have become increasingly concerned about calls for violence against law enforcement and other government officials by violent extremists,” said John Cohen, a former Department of Homeland Security official and current ABC News contributor. “The search warrant at Mar-a-Lago has only served to increase those calls, adding to law enforcement concerns.”

Cohen added that “there’s been talk about a range of conspiracy theories regarding what the FBI was doing at Mar-a-Lago. And when public figures — especially those who have previously served in law enforcement — spread wild conspiracy theories that they know are false, it’s not only irresponsible but dangerous.”

Authorities, particular near various FBI offices, are monitoring online activity for more concrete plans of violence or extremism.

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