18-Year-Old Accused of 15-Times Shooting and Hiding Body in Air Mattress

Jackson Pierce Arrested for Second-Degree Murder and Tampering with Evidence in St. Peters Homicide Case

Credit: Unsplash

Jackson Pierce Arrested for Second-Degree Murder and Tampering with Evidence in St. Peters Homicide Case

The St. Peters Police Department has arrested an 18-year-old man, Jackson Pierce, and a juvenile suspect in connection with a shocking homicide case that has gripped the local community. According to court documents, Pierce is accused of shooting 23-year-old Dalton Coleman a staggering 15 times before concealing his body inside a rolled-up air mattress, wrapped with an electrical cord, in a bedroom closet.

The arrest came after police responded to a home on Willott Square Drive in St. Peters, Missouri, following a report from a witness’s attorney about a potential homicide. Upon arrival, officers discovered the lifeless body of Dalton Coleman inside the home, prompting a swift and thorough investigation.

Initial findings suggest that Pierce and Coleman were acquaintances, and the tragic incident occurred following an altercation within the residence. A witness revealed that Pierce had contacted him, informing him of Coleman’s presence and erratic behavior at the location. Subsequently, Pierce allegedly shot and killed Coleman during an altercation, claiming that Coleman had forced his way into a bedroom where Pierce and the juvenile were seeking refuge.

Despite the witness’s suggestion to call the authorities, Pierce reportedly refused and expressed regret for not doing so himself after being taken into custody. The affidavit states that Pierce exclaimed, “Dog, I shoulda f—— called the cops myself, I shoulda called the cops myself, bro … I am, I am dumb as f—.”

Jackson Pierce has been formally charged with second-degree murder, armed criminal action, and tampering with physical evidence. He is set to be transferred to St. Charles County Jail, where he will be held on a $1 million cash-only bond pending further legal proceedings. The juvenile suspect has been transferred to St. Charles County Family Court for undisclosed charges and will remain in the court’s custody.

The St. Peters Police Department is committed to pursuing justice for the victim, Dalton Coleman, and ensuring that those responsible for this heinous crime are held accountable under the law. The investigation remains ongoing, and anyone with information relevant to the case is urged to contact the authorities immediately.