President Biden Celebrates 81st Birthday with Turkey Pardon and Thanksgiving Humor

President Biden adds a touch of humor to the annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon ceremony.
the White House

Credit: Unsplash

President Biden adds a touch of humor to the annual Thanksgiving turkey Jokes ceremony.

President Joe Biden marked his 81st birthday in a unique presidential fashion by pardoning turkeys and sharing light-hearted jokes during the annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon ceremony. The event took place in the White House Rose Garden on Monday, commemorating the 76th anniversary of the tradition that dates back to 1947.

During the ceremony, President Biden humorously remarked, “By the way, it’s my birthday today. I just want you to know, it’s difficult turning 60,” drawing laughter from the audience. The President, displaying his trademark wit, quipped about the presidentially spared turkeys, Liberty and Bell, hailing from Minnesota with a Pennsylvania connection, saying, “These birds have a new appreciation of the words, let freedom ring.”

In a classic Biden moment, he referenced historical events, joking that he was not present at President Harry Truman’s 1947 turkey pardon because he was a mere 5 years old at the time, old enough to enjoy Thanksgiving turkey.

While injecting humor into the event, President Biden also made a light-hearted mistake, confusing Taylor Swift with Britney Spears in a joke about getting tickets to concerts. “Just to get here, Liberty and Bell had to beat some tough odds and competition. They had to work hard to show patience and be willing to travel over 1,000 miles. You could say even it’s harder than getting a ticket to the Renaissance tour or Britney’s tour. She’s down in — it’s kind of warm in Brazil right now,” he said, acknowledging the mix-up.

The annual turkey pardon, which has evolved into a lighthearted ceremony over the years, grants the pardoned turkeys a second chance at life. Liberty and Bell will be heading back to the University of Minnesota to live out their days.