Biden Utilizes Cold War-Era Law to Boost U.S. Economy

President Biden invokes the Defense Production Act to strengthen American supply chains.
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Credit: Unsplash

President Biden invokes the Defense Production Act to strengthen American supply chains.

In a strategic move to fortify American supply chains and boost domestic manufacturing, President Joe Biden is invoking the 1950 Defense Production Act, a Cold War-era law that empowers the executive branch to compel U.S. companies to support projects in the interest of national security. The decision, announced by the White House on Monday, is aimed at addressing supply chain issues contributing to higher inflation and enhancing the resilience of critical sectors.

The Defense Production Act, previously utilized during the COVID-19 pandemic, will now be employed to invest in the “domestic manufacturing of essential medicines.” The Department of Health and Human Services has earmarked $35 million for investments in the domestic production of key starting materials to mitigate drug shortages, as outlined in the press release.

To spearhead these efforts, President Biden will convene the first meeting of the President’s Supply Chain Resilience Council, which will announce additional measures related to the production and shipment of goods. The council, co-chaired by Lael Brainard, Director of the White House National Economic Council, and Jake Sullivan, White House National Security Adviser, comprises heads of cabinet departments, the administration’s Council of Economic Advisers, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, the Office of Management and Budget, and other agencies.

Addressing concerns about the economy, the White House acknowledges that while the U.S. economy appears robust on paper, consumers are experiencing challenges. The administration emphasizes that robust supply chains are fundamental to a strong economy, citing their role in lowering prices for goods, food, and equipment.

The move comes amid polling indicating that only 39% of voters approve of President Biden’s handling of jobs and the economy. With the economy being a top concern for Americans, the administration is taking steps to enhance supply chain resilience and address economic challenges.

In addition to domestic production measures, the administration pledges to strengthen global supply chains by developing early warning systems with allies and partners to detect and respond to disruptions. This includes initiatives to improve weather, water, and climate observing capabilities and data-sharing to produce global climate information and minimize impacts on infrastructure, water, health, and food security.