Justin Bieber Suspends Tour Due to Medical Concerns

Bieber has re-suspended his Justice World Tour to rest.

Bieber has re-suspended his Justice World Tour to rest.

Back in June, singer Justin Bieber temporarily suspended his ongoing Justice World Tour due to being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a disease that results in partial facial paralysis and hearing loss, both of which would make it difficult for Bieber to perform. He temporarily suspended the tour to rest, then picked it back up in July, but it seems that first break wasn’t long enough.

Bieber announced today that he will be suspending the Justice World Tour again, as the combination of his diagnosis and general exhaustion from the European portion of the tour have left him in poor shape for performing. As such, he’ll be taking some time off to rest and recuperate.

“After resting and consulting with my doctors, family and team, I went to Europe in an effort to continue the tour,” Bieber said on his Instagram account. “I performed six live shows, but it really took a real toll on me.”

After his performance in Brazil, “the exhaustion overtook me and I realized that I need to make my health the priority right now.”

“So I’m going to take a break from touring for the time being,” Bieber concluded. “I’m going to be ok, but I need time to rest and get better.”

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