Elon Musk Sells His Last House

Musk's last Californian home is going on the market.

Musk’s last Californian home is going on the market.

I wasn’t aware Elon Musk owned multiple homes (though it’s not especially surprising, given his wealth). Though I guess it’s officially a moot point, because as of this week, he no longer owns any homes.

Back in 2019, Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Musk began gradually selling off the seven different homes he owned throughout the state of California, until he was only left with a single $23.4 million (aside from one mansion which he retains ownership of for rental purposes). Now, even that final home is going by the wayside, and Musk would prefer it go to a large family.

Neither Musk nor his family have lived in any of these Californian homes for at least a year. Currently, they live in a $50,000 rental home in Boca Chica, Texas. Given this home’s proximity to the future construction site of SpaceX’s StarBase city and a companion launch site, it’s likely Musk intends to remain as close to his work as possible.

Musk’s last Californian house, a 1912 French mansion located in the exclusive Hillsborough area, is on the market for $37.5 million according to listings from Gullixson real estate.

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