DALL-E Image Generator Opening to More Users

The service is opening in beta to a million new users.

The service is opening in beta to a million new users.

Earlier this year, artificial intelligence lab OpenAI unveiled DALL-E, an AI-powered image generator program. To use DALL-E, all a user has to do is write out a detailed description of what they want to see in the text input, and the program will generate a handful of images as close to the specified parameters as possible. DALL-E has found itself a fanbase in those looking to make memes and silly images, but it is undeniably a powerful program.

The program was originally only available to a select few individuals with access, though other interested people could put their names on a waiting list for eventual access. Earlier this week, OpenAI announced that DALL-E will be made available in beta to one million users on that waiting list. Chosen users will receive a notification over the next several weeks as the lab works to make DALL-E more user-friendly and commercially-viable.

“What DALL-E is doing is capturing some element of human imagination. It’s not actually that different than how humans can read a book and imagine things, but it’s being able to capture that intelligence with an algorithm,” Phillip Isola, a computer science professor at MIT who previously worked at Open AI, told NPR.

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