Cubs Throw No-Hitter Against Dodgers

The league is on track for a no-hitter record.

The league is on track for a no-hitter record.

Thanks to efforts of Chicago Cubs pitcher, Zach Davies, as well as the three relief pitchers, Ryan Tepera, Andrew Chafin, and Craig Kimbrel, the team managed to successfully throw a no-hitter game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday night, shutting them out completely with a 4-0 score. The Dodgers managed to swipe a total of eight walks from the pitchers, but otherwise weren’t able to get a single base hit.

This impressive game is a sizable achievement for the Cubs on three distinct counts. Firstly, it’s the 17th no-hitter the team has thrown in its entire history. Secondly, it’s the very first combined no-hitter the team has ever thrown, thanks to the efforts of both the main and relief pitchers. Third, and perhaps most interestingly, this no-hitter has tied the 2021 baseball season with the current MLB record for most no-hitters in a single season, originally set all the way back in 1900.

“This is an awesome moment,” Davies said. “The World Series, I think something like that probably tops it. But even though it wasn’t solo and it was a combined effort, being a part of history is something special.”

“I think every pitcher wants to continue in the game, regardless of his pitch count, but it worked,” Davies said. “Chafe, Tep and Craig shut the door. A part of history. I’m excited for the guys that were on the field. I can’t complain at all.”

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