‘Battlefield 2042’ Makes Top 10 of Worst-Reviewed Steam Games

Despite many concurrent players, the game's launch has proven to be decisively negative.

Despite many concurrent players, the game’s launch has proven to be decisively negative.

Last Friday, Electronic Arts released Battlefield 2042, the latest game in the Battlefield series of first-person shooter games. Expectations were high for this entry, as promotional material showcased its massive, living maps granting players access to a myriad of weapons and vehicles, as well as the customizable Portal mode. Unfortunately, it seems the game has launched in less-than-stellar condition.

According to reports and reviews from the game’s initial playerbase, Battlefield 2042 is riddled with bugs and crashing. Users have been reporting, among other problems, choppy framerates, falling through the map, malfunctioning bullet spreads, and constant hard crashes. Aside from the bugs, there have also been criticisms of missing features present in previous games, one of the most prominent being the absence of any kind of single player campaign.

As a result of these myriad problems, after only a few days, Battlefield 2042 has found itself in the top 10 list of the worst-reviewed games on PC gaming platform Steam, with only 25% of its reviews rating positive. However, the game is also in the top 10 for concurrent players on Steam, with roughly 58,177 players online at time of writing. The game’s developer, Dice, has already begun releasing patches in the hopes of improving the buggy experience.

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