Baker Mayfield Waived by Carolina Panthers

Mayfield will be available on waiver to other NFL teams.

Mayfield will be available on waiver to other NFL teams.

After an underwhelming performance in his current role as the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers, it has been decided that Baker Mayfield will be waived to other NFL teams. Analysts expect another team to snap up Mayfield as soon as the end of the day today.

“This is a tough business,” Panthers interim coach Steve Wilks said Monday. “Sitting in this seat, it was a tough decision on my part, but something I felt like was the best move for the team moving forward.”

“He felt and we felt we wanted to give him the opportunity to seek whatever him and his agent felt was best for him,” Wilks said. “He has been nothing but a professional for us, so I wanted to extend that courtesy.”

When reporters asked why Mayfield failed in the role, Wilks maintained professionalism. “I wouldn’t say that he failed. I would say it just didn’t work out. He’s still a good football player. Just like coaches, just like players sometimes, they just need a change.”

“It’s shocking to us,” Panthers guard Austin Corbett said on the matter. “He’s the ultimate teammate. Everybody loved him. He loves everybody in here. It hurts. I just hope somebody claims him off waivers and he gets into another room.”

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