Apple Headhunts AR Worker from Meta

Apple is swiping experts as it develops its AR tech.

Apple is swiping experts as it develops its AR tech.

While its existence is still squarely in the territory of rumors, Apple’s upcoming augmented reality headset is drumming up all manner of hype. According to existing leaks, rumors, and reports, the device could be powered by an Apple computer to produce 8K display with hand-tracking 3D sensors. If Apple really is putting together such an ambitious project, they will need some experts in the AR field.

According to an investigative report by Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, Apple may have successfully scouted such an expert from Meta, formerly Facebook. Meta has its entire feet in the AR and VR sectors thanks to the Oculus headset line, with the Quest 2 headset being one of this year’s top holiday sellers. Meta’s own Occulus app successfully topped the charts on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Presumably to aid in the development of their own headset, Apple has reportedly hired on Andrea Schubert, a communications and public relations specialist that previously served as Meta’s lead on AR products. “Meta, with Oculus, has been the market leader in headsets, so such a hire makes sense as Apple nears its launch,” Gurman explained in his report.

Rumors have indicated that Apple is shooting for a 2022 release on their headset, so we may see more scouts like this as development really ramps up.

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