Coffee Talk: Neil Drink Guide

What do you serve to a genuine space alien?
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Credit: Toge Productions

Throughout Coffee Talk’s cast of humans and humanoids, one of the major standouts is Neil, a mysterious alien lifeform appearing in the guise of a stereotypical orange astronaut suit (as it was the closest thing their race could associate with humanity’s understanding of space). Despite their initial weirdness, Neil is a friendly character who’s not only pleasant to get to know, but a vital component in attaining the game’s true ending. Here’s a guide on Neil’s drink in Coffee Talk.

Coffee Talk: Neil Drink Guide

The first couple of times you interact with Neil in Coffee Talk, they’ll order a drink mostly out of politeness for you and your establishment. Since Neil drinks with their finger, they (allegedly) can’t taste the difference. As you progress through the game, you’ll fill up all but one of the information slots on Neil’s Tomodachill page. Filling that final slot is the key to unlocking the game’s best possible ending.

While it is technically possible to do this on your first try, if you miss your chance to get Neil’s unique drink order, they’ll drop you a few hints in a brief scene after the game’s credits. You can load up any day you’ve already completed to experience its events again and reattempt any tries at creating unique drinks. Assuming you’ve maxed out everyone else’s relationships, Neil will be the only remaining factor.

What is Neil’s Drink?

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Credit: Toge Productions

Reload the story to Day 8 and progress the story as normal until Neil shows up for the second time. After some back-and-forth with Freya and Hyde, Neil will order a drink, but rather than give you a concrete order, they’ll merely say “surprise us.” This is your prompt to logic out Neil’s drink and trigger the conditions for the true ending.

Neil’s drink is called the Milky Way, and it has a rather simple composition. Just start with a milk base and add honey and mint to get a drink with a pleasantly cool flavor, distinctive enough that even Neil can taste it through their fingers. Serve Neil this drink, finish out the rest of Day 8, then reload the story on Day 14. Events will diverge, and you’ll learn an interesting secret about your unassuming barista protagonist.

Incidentally, Neil is a favorite character of the folks at Toge Productions, and they are already slated to make an appearance in Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly. Keep that Milky Way recipe in mind in case you need to make it for them again!

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