New Sonos Speaker to Feature Near-Omnidirectional Sound

The Optimo 2 features all-encompassing sound.

The Optimo 2 features all-encompassing sound.

Sonos has been making waves recently in their attempts to create the next generation of smart speaker technology. While they’re not fighting off plagiarism allegations from Google, they’ve been developing newer and better speakers with more features and better sound quality. Their next offering, the work-in-progress Optimo 2, could very well tick both boxes.

In an early preview of the device, The Verge writer Chris Welch describes the Optimo 2 as the “swiss army knife of Sonos speakers.”

“It’ll support music playback over Wi-Fi like all of the company’s products but also Bluetooth audio. So far, Bluetooth playback has been limited to portable hardware like the Move and Roam. Intriguingly, the company is also considering USB-C line-in playback for the device. That would make it the only other modern Sonos speaker aside from the Five to offer line-in capabilities. With the help of built-in microphones, Optimo 2 will feature automatic sound tuning to optimize its performance in various settings.”

What this all means is that the Optimo 2 is a speaker that can connect to just about any audio input, as well as broadcast music and audio is nearly any direction at approximately the same sound quality and volume. You could walk from one side of a room to the other, and the sound quality wouldn’t drop, or it would be barely noticeable.

No word yet on when this device could see completion and release.

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