Mac Desktops Added to Apple Self-Service Repair

Users can now order parts for various Mac desktops.

Users can now order parts for various Mac desktops.

Back in April, Apple officially launched their Self-Service Repair program. In lieu of bringing Apple products to licensed Apple retailers for repairs or refurbishments, the program allows users to order parts directly from Apple and perform repairs on their own for a reduced cost. This program was originally just for iPhones, before being expanded to certain Mac laptops.

As of today, the program has been expanded once again. Now users can order repair parts for various Mac desktop computers and displays, including the M1 iMac, M1 Mac mini, Mac Studio, and Apple Studio Display. As with the iPhone and laptop repair kits, all parts orders also come with licensed Mac repair tools and instructional manuals.

Apple’s greater commitment to parts delivery and tool rental comes from ongoing pressure from the United States and European governments to acquiesce with the right-to-repair movement, allowing customers to attempt to repair their own devices should they have the knowledge to do so. Prior to the launch of the Self-Service Repair program, Apple was notoriously cagey about the distribution of parts and tools, voiding device warranties if any DIY repairs were attempted by device users or owners.

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