Free-to-Play Shooter ‘THE FINALS’ Launches in Beta

The game is being developed by former Battlefield staff.

The game is being developed by former Battlefield staff.

Today, a new free-to-play first-person-shooter video game launched in beta on the PC video game platform Steam. This new titled, THE FINALS, is being developed and published by Embark Studios, a young studio that is composed primarily of former staff of DICE, the company that develops the Battlefield series.

The new game is a competitive shooter like many others, though one of the major standout gimmicks is the map’s fully destructible nature. Players can damage and destroy buildings and objects in very specific ways, and the damage will reflect for all participating players. This encourages players to use their environment to their advantage, blasting holes into walls to escape gunfire or detonating buildings to flush out foes.

“Many of us at Embark have been building first-person shooters for more than two decades, but just when we thought we were finished with the genre, we unlocked a developer’s Holy Grail,” Rob Runesson, Executive Producer of THE FINALS, said in an announcement on the game’s Steam page.

“With server-side destruction and movement, almost everything in THE FINALS can be wrecked. We want to breathe new life into a genre that’s frankly grown slightly monotonous, and can’t wait to test THE FINALS with a large number of players to see if they agree, so we can keep improving the experience ahead of launch.”

The beta is scheduled to last for two weeks from today. The beta version is only available on PC, though the game is planned for an Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 launch when it is finished.

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