Fitbit Website to Remove ‘Sign in with Google’ Button

The change is part of Google's efforts to fully incorporate Fitbit.

The change is part of Google’s efforts to fully incorporate Fitbit.

In January of 2021, Google completed a full acquisition of fitness tracker company Fitbit. Since then, Google has experimented with the implementation of its own services and systems on top of Fitbits, including allowing Fitbit users to sign into the Fitbit website using a Google account with a dedicated button. Starting next year, though, that button will be removed, though not for the reason you may be thinking.

The Fitbit website login page currently sports an advisory that the “Continue with Google” button will soon be removed. “We are removing the option to log in to your account on with your Google credentials to support an improved experience coming soon,” it reads. This does not mean that you will no longer be able to log into Fitbit with a Google account. Rather, it means that, after some changes on the website go through, you will only be able to log into Fitbit with a Google account, as the company is phasing out separate Fitbit accounts.

For the time being, and until around 2025, Google has said users will still be able to log into their Fitbit services with their separate Fitbit login credentials. Once the change completes, though, a Google account will be the only way to log in, in the same way one logs into services like Gmail or Google Home.

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