Chinese Protestors Clash With Security Forces

Authorities are out in force in an effort to quash ongoing protests.

Authorities are out in force in an effort to quash ongoing protests.

Since this past weekend, Chinese citizens have been out in force protesting the state of their country. Their primary grievance is with their government’s controversial “zero-COVID” policy, mandating swift and severe lockdowns and restriction whenever a COVID outbreak occurs, even if it’s only a small one. As those protesting this policy have grown in number, though, others have made their concerns heard, calling for more freedoms and fewer restrictions, as well as the resignation of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In response, China’s security and police forces have met the protestors in force, enacting widespread arrests as well as checkpoint screenings and street patrols. While the authorities have not publicly addressed the reasons for the protests, they pledged to meet them in force to “effectively maintain overall social stability.”

Chen Wenqing, China’s domestic security chief, urged law enforcement officials to “resolutely crack down on infiltration and sabotage activities by hostile forces, as well as illegal and criminal acts that disrupt social order.”

Some Chinese citizens, particularly those who have been protesting themselves, have received phone calls from authorities, urging them to stay away from protests. “It is our legitimate right (to protest), because the constitution stipulates that we have freedom of speech and freedom of congregation,” an anonymous protestor told CNN. “That night, the police mostly adopted a calm approach when dealing with us. But the Communist Party is very good at meting out punishment afterward.”

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