5 Dead After Mass Shooting in Colorado Springs Club

The incident has left the local LGBTQ+ community shaken and angry.

The incident has left the local LGBTQ+ community shaken and angry.

On Saturday night, Club Q, an LGBTQ+-supportive nightclub in the town of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was attacked by a gunman armed with an AR-15 rifle. The gunman opened fire immediately as he entered the club, killing 5 individuals and injuring 25 before he was subdued by several clubgoers. The gunman is currently in police custody.

For much of Colorado Springs’ LGBTQ+ citizens, Club Q was a place of safety and camaraderie where they could be happy and comfortable. Sadly, this incident has irrevocably tainted the club for many of its patrons, who no longer feel safe being themselves there.

“This space is really the only place in Colorado Springs that the LGBTQ+ community can get together and be ourselves,” Cole Danielson, one of the club’s employees, told CNN.

“Our safety as queer people in Colorado Springs is now questioned,” Danielson said. “I’m scared to be myself as a trans man in this community.”

“Club Q, along with all of the other LGBTQIA+ bars, represent a safe space for a community that has felt unsafe and rejected for most of their lives,” Colorado drag performer Jewels Parks told CNN.

“To have our safe place ripped from us and to lose members of our community, is a whole other type of hurt,” Parks said. “Right now, we need to love each other a little extra and be kind to one another.”

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