Dealing with city traffic is a daily problem that plagues many of us. Whether you’re attempting to head out to work or simply running mid-day errands, tooling around town (especially if it’s a crowded one) can be a real pain.

However, thanks to Toyota’s advancements in green car technology, we’ve seen major strides towards a solution to the urban traffic problem which has become a global issue.

Toyota has addressed the need for a totally emission-free city vehicle with the introduction of the Toyota i-ROAD. The i-ROAD is a sleek vision created specifically for short distance travel. This all electric personal transport vehicle is poised to be the greenest answer yet, to the growing traffic problem in congested cities across the globe.

Aesthetically the i-ROAD resembles an ultra-sleek sci-fi scooter of sorts; it’s a 850mm wide, three-wheeled, fully enclosed vehicle, specifically designed for eco-friendly urban travel. The interior of the i-ROAD combines many of the common comforts drivers today are used to, but packed it into a vehicle that has just as much mobility as a scooter or motorcycle. Such features like an audio system, Bluetooth and interior lighting and heating make this little personal mobility powerhouse feel just as comfortable as a standard full sized vehicle.

One of the truly innovative qualities of the i-ROAD is that it’s equipped with “Active Lean” technology. This automotive technology allows the vehicle to raise and lower the front wheels automatically, thus creating more stability and balance while driving.

Total charging time for the fully-electric i-ROAD is roughly three hours, which should yield just a little over 30 miles of drive time, depending on conditions and terrain. Early drivers of the i-ROAD have had nothing but glowing reviews for the personal mobility concept vehicle calling it “exhilarating to drive”. The i-ROAD’s blend of common car convenience and motorcycle mobility makes it one of the most viable options to date when it comes to dealing with the city traffic commute in an eco-friendly fashion.

While the i-ROAD is not yet available for purchase, it’s already hitting the pavement in places like Japan, and is expected to make it to the roads of Grenoble, France by the end of this year. The Toyota i-ROAD is just another way in which Toyota is making great strides towards a “smart mobility society”.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Toyota. The opinions and text are all mine.