Tesla Model 3 Is The Car Of The Future And Here’s Why

Tesla 3 Tech & Specs Electric car enthusiasts have waited a long time for the specs of the Tesla Model 3 and we give you a tour of the...

Tesla 3 Tech & Specs

Electric car enthusiasts have waited a long time for the specs of the Tesla Model 3 and we give you a tour of the new model.

The new model ha received mixed reviews saying “this is the greatest mass market vehicle of our age” and “a complete and utter fraud.” With all the controversy with Elon Musk and Tesla’s production, many are over-looking some innovative features of the Model 3.

These new features consider the car the largest connection device you own, with capabilities for phone pairing to control the car’s features. The Model 3 is constantly online with its own cellular, Bluetooth, and wi-fi connections. This operating system allows adding new features through software updates and can provide instant fixes, meaning easier servicing. For example, Tesla recently changed their braking system and just updated the system.

Another feature that is unique to this model is that the dashboard is all on a touch-screen that is slightly bigger than an iPad, with all control on the touch-screen except the wheel. The standard functions for the dashboard includes music and maps, with more unique features such as a drawing pad and Siri/Alexa capabilities for voice commands.

The connectivity also allows users to be able to locate their car and control them through an app on their smartphone that can also have a car pull out of a space without you needing to be in the car. Though there are many innovative features some of the most simple functions are require to use the touch-screen that can be distracting to drivers.

There are also some simple features that are desired by user but are not included, such as texts and notifications that do not appear on the screen while driving. The Internet connection also shows some problems in areas with less wireless coverage.

There are also some privacy concerns with the sensor cameras and the microphone, with possible implications for mis-use of data. There is also the possibility for cars to be hacked since they run on software and wireless connection.

The final verdict is that this is the car model of the future and is inspiration for competition car brands to look forward to more tech-savvy car designs. The Tesla Model 3 starts at $35,000 so many are waiting in line to get their hand on the car of the future as soon as possible.

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