Xbox Bringing Cloud Streaming to Samsung TVs

Samsung smart TVs will allow for console-less game streaming.

Samsung smart TVs will allow for console-less game streaming.

Over the last few years, Microsoft has been gradually expanding its offerings in the cloud streaming department. Specifically, through their Xbox Cloud Streaming service offered primarily through their Xbox Game Pass subscription, users can stream full games to PCs, Xbox consoles, and mobile devices, using only their internet connection to run the game. However, all of these options still run on the assumption that a user has a game-compatible console or platform to stream to. This will be changing soon.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that they will soon be bringing the Xbox app to Samsung-branded monitors and smart TVs. The initial rollout will begin on June 30, with the app made available on Samsung smart displays in 27 countries. The Xbox app is slated to work in much the same way it does on its existing platforms, offering Game Pass subscribers a library of games they can stream directly to the display. No external consoles are required, though users will need to sync up a wireless controller via bluetooth to play. The Xbox app on Samsung displays has been confirmed to be compatible with all kinds of bluetooth-enabled controllers, including both Xbox controllers and PlayStation controllers.

“Playing Xbox games on 2022 Samsung TVs will be a seamless experience, similar to using other streaming apps on your TV,” Xbox said in the announcement. “Simply launch the app, connect your favorite controller, and start playing.”

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