Tensions Run High After Former Pakistan Prime Minister Arrested

The ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, is being held on corruption charges causing social unrest.

Violence Continues to Surge Throughout Pakistan

The ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has been held on corruption charges since Tuesday. Khan was swarmed by paramilitary troops and apprehended just after appearing in court as part of multiple other ongoing graft cases.

Tensions have already been running high in Pakistan, and some have likened this dramatic event and the manner of his arrest to a kidnapping. So it is no surprise that this has only heightened the turmoil. Some have contended that Khan’s detention was overdue and that his corrupt dealings have long been overlooked; however, others vehemently defend him and say he is being framed because he wants to reveal sitting government officials’ own corruption. Shortly after his arrest, a prerecorded video was released of Khan arguing these charges as false and claiming they could be a part of a plan to discredit him prior to the upcoming election. The former leader also called his supporters to action.

Following Khan’s detainment, protests broke out in many cities throughout Pakistan, resulting in days of violence and chaos. Several of Khan’s supporters have died, and countless more have been injured or arrested by the police and military officials.

The situation began when Khan was ousted from his role as PM and began a series of campaigns declaring that his successor, Shehbaz Sharif, had conspired with the military to force him out. The instability has intensified with economic issues, civil unrest, and a dwindling level of people’s trust in the government. The future of Pakistan hinges significantly on the way its leaders handle the continued problems and if they will be able to discover ways of addressing and meeting the people’s concerns to revitalize peace and solidarity.

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