Murder, She…Rewrote!

History of Show and Remakes ‘Murder, She Wrote’ was an extraordinarily popular television show that aired for twelve seasons in the 80s and 90s. It starred Angela Lansbury as...

History of Show and Remakes

‘Murder, She Wrote’ was an extraordinarily popular television show that aired for twelve seasons in the 80s and 90s. It starred Angela Lansbury as mystery writer Jessica Fletcher. Every week, Lansbury’s character was faced with a different crime that needed solving. The crimes could be gruesome and grotesque, but Jessica Fletcher always managed to solve them. The show was highly rated, lasted many seasons, and also had a large fan base.

Today, older television shows are being remade to hopefully reignite the original popularity that the shows had. The hit 1970s show Ironside was recently remade, along with newer versions of Hawaii Five-0 and some others. These shows haven’t lasted long on our television screens, but the attempt was made to try and bring these shows back into popular culture. Hopefully, this new version of Murder, She Wrote will not disappoint.

Casting of Remake

Angela Lansbury was a popular actress even before she landed the role of Jessica Fletcher for Murder, She Wrote. Her role as Fletcher made her an even more beloved actress for viewers everywhere. The remake of Murder, She Wrote is set to star Octavia Spencer. Spencer is no stranger to film and television. She had a critically acclaimed and Oscar nominated role in the movie The Help and has appeared on shows like 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory. She has proven herself a worthy actress for the Murder, She Wrote remake.

Plot of Remake

Spencer’s character on the new Murder, She Wrote will also be new. She will not be replacing the original Jessica Fletcher character, but they will have similarities. They both have a love for mystery and solving crimes. Spencer seems poised to make this role truly her own and can hopefully avoid comparisons to Lansbury, who was nominated for several Emmys for her portrayal of Jessica Fletcher on the show.

A Modern Take on a Classic

Murder, She Wrote has been off television for over a decade and a lot has changed since it ended. An updated version of the show may do fairly well because Spencer’s character will be able to use modern technology to assist her in solving crimes, which is something Lansbury’s character did not have. Murder, She Wrote is the perfect television show to be remade because it can fit into today’s world and not seem outdated. With the current amount of true crime and detective shows on television, Murder, She Wrote may be successful because it won’t be outdated. Another reason why the show should do well is due to its continued popularity. The original show lasted over ten seasons and over forty books were written featuring the Jessica Fletcher character; the most recent of these being published within the last year. The Murder, She Wrote franchise is still popular, so a new television show may breathe new life into the franchise.

Hopes for the Show

Overall, the news that Murder, She Wrote is being remade is good news. Spencer seems to have the acting chops to take on such a beloved show and she will undoubtedly entertain the viewers. Hopefully, the show will be as much of a success the second time around the way it was the first time.

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