John Cornyn Discusses Gun Control Compromises

Cornyn is acting as a chief negotiator in the bipartisan talks.

Cornyn is acting as a chief negotiator in the bipartisan talks.

Since the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, calls have been rising for new, more comprehensive changes to gun control laws in the United States. Bipartisan talks on the subject have been ongoing for weeks now, with both sides attempting to reach some kind of consensus between Second Amendment rights and public safety.

One of the central figures of this debate is Texas Senate Republican John Cornyn, who earlier this week spoke about the rising need for comprehensive gun safety. Cornyn is a well-known supporter of both the Second Amendment and the NRA, but even so, he has claimed that change still needs to happen.

“We are not talking about restricting the rights of current law-abiding gun owners or citizens,” Cornyn said Monday. “What I’m interested in is keeping guns out of the hands of those who, by current law, are not supposed to have them: people with mental health problems, people who have criminal records.”

Connecticut Senator and Democratic negotiator Chris Murphy echoed Cornyn’s sentiment, signaling his intent to work with him on reaching a compromise. “Parents are scared to death we’re going to do nothing. Ultimately, the vast majority of Americans are demanding we step up and do something,” he said.

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