Apple Wants to Replace iPhones with AR Headsets

Can AR glasses become the smartphones of the future?

Can AR glasses become the smartphones of the future?

According to recent rumors, Apple is planning on releasing its first internally-developed augmented reality headset sometime in late 2022. Apple has invested much in AR alongside other tech and mobile giants who want to be the first to really make the concept work commercially. If one insider is to be believed, though, Apple’s goals don’t stop at simply releasing an AR headset.

In a statement picked up by Macrumors, investor, analyst, and Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo made an interesting prediction. According to him, Apple is hoping to completely replace its line of iPhones and similar mobile devices with AR headsets within the next ten years. This major transition will apparently begin as soon as the first Apple AR headset releases.

Based on rumored specs, this headset would certainly have the muscle necessary to supplant even the most advanced iPhone. The device will feature two processors, a higher-end one on par with the M1 processor found in Mac computers, and a lower-end one for handling sensor data. The headset will be a completely independent device, too; unlike, for example, a pair of Bluetooth headphones, it won’t need to be tethered to a smartphone or computer to work.

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