Taysom Hill Injured During Saints-Cowboys Game

Hill injured his finger on an incomplete pass.

Hill injured his finger on an incomplete pass.

Yesterday was a rough day for the New Orleans Saints as they were beaten back by the Dallas Cowboys 27-17. To add injury to insult, though, Taysom Hill suffered a minor injury during his first stint as quarterback for the Saints. For the first part of the game, he was playing decently, completing most of his passes, but on one incomplete pass to receiver Marquez Callaway, he inadvertently jammed his middle finger on his throwing hand.

Hill was briefly sidelined and examined in the medical tent, where a splint was affixed to his middle finger. This splint didn’t do Hill any favors on his throwing, as for the remainder of the game, he completed less than half of his 33 total passes. Following the game, Hill noted that the splint “took a little bit of getting used to” as it affected his throws.

After the game, Hill said he was doing better, though they’re still going to give the finger a proper assessment to be sure. Even so, he was rather disappointed with his performance as QB. “I’m not going to rush to any kind of conclusions having not seen the tape or anything, but I feel like we did some things really well tonight and then we did some things really poorly,” Hill said. “Obviously, it’s tough to win a game when you turn the ball over four times. As soon as you look at the stats and you look at what you did, that’s obviously the thing that jumps out to you. That’s disappointing.”

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