Apple Interested in Producing its Own Chips

Apple is moving to bring component production in-house.

Apple is moving to bring component production in-house.

Apple may be one of the biggest names in consumer electronics, but while their products feature their branding, their innards come from elsewhere. Apple doesn’t produce most of its own components, with the majority of chips coming from companies like Broadcom and Skyworks. However, according to a new Bloomberg report, Apple is looking to cut out the middle man and bring component production in-house.

According to the report, Apple has begun a minor hiring operation out of their Irvine, California office. This operation will bring on “a few dozen people” to develop certain critical electronic components, including Bluetooth and wifi chips, wireless receivers, and more. Coincidentally, Apple recently announced that their plans for a hybrid work model, involving both in-person and remote work, would be going on an indefinite hold, so it’s possible they’re doubling down on wireless functionality for their own benefit in addition to taking control of their own parts production.

It’s been rumored for a while now that Apple would make strides toward the in-house development of a 5G modem chip to replace the Qualcomm-produced one that currently exists in iPhones and iPads. This is still only an early effort, however, so Apple electronics will still likely have externally-produced parts for at least a few more years.

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