Yoon and Biden Send Strong Message to North Korea: Nuclear Attack Will Not Be Tolerated

South Korea and US Vow Overwhelming Response to North Korea's Nuclear Threat
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South Korea and U.S. Vow Overwhelming Response to North Korea’s Nuclear Threat

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and US President Joe Biden have vowed to respond “overwhelmingly and decisively” using the full force of their alliance in case of a nuclear attack by North Korea. During their talks at the White House, the two leaders adopted the “Washington Declaration” to strengthen extended deterrence against North Korean nuclear and missile threats.

Yoon outlined that Seoul and Washington agreed to establish a Nuclear Consultative Group (NCG) “to map out a specific plan to operate the new extended deterrence system.” He further said that “our two countries have agreed to immediate bilateral presidential consultations in the event of North Korea’s nuclear attack” and promised to respond swiftly, overwhelmingly, and decisively using the full force of the alliance, including the US nuclear weapons.

Biden warned that a “nuclear attack by North Korea” against the United States or its allies is “unacceptable and will result in the end of whatever regime, were it to take such an action.” The two leaders also announced the establishment of a mechanism to strengthen extended deterrence, discuss nuclear and strategic planning, and manage the threat to the nonproliferation regime posed by North Korea through the declaration.

The Washington Declaration is being seen as a significant step towards countering the advancing nuclear threat posed by North Korea. Biden called it “a prudent step to reinforce extended deterrence and respond to advancing DPRK nuclear threat,” referring to the acronym for the North’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The agreement also signifies a major shift in South Korea’s strategic priorities. In the past, South Korea has hesitated to join the US in its efforts to isolate North Korea. However, with the latest developments, it seems that South Korea has recognized the need to work closely with the US to address the North’s nuclear threat.

The joint statement by the two leaders sends a strong message to North Korea, which has been testing ballistic missiles and other nuclear weapons in recent months. While it is uncertain how the North Korean leadership will react to the development, it is clear that the US and South Korea will not back down from their commitment to ensuring peace and stability in the region.

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