US Republicans Reluctant to Endorse New Trump Run

Senators on Capitol Hill are getting tired of controversy.

Senators on Capitol Hill are getting tired of controversy.

The United States midterm elections are wrapping up, and it seems that major “red wave” that Republicans were hoping for did not come to pass. The Democratic party has maintained a majority control of the Senate, and while it is projected that Republicans will seize the House, without both, it will be borderline impossible to push through any new legislation.

In the wake of this lukewarm result, some Republican officials have been pointing the blame at former President Donald Trump, whose endorsed candidates for governors, senators, and other positions almost universally fell through. As a result of this, some senators, particularly those working on Capitol Hill, believe it may be time to move on from Trump as a potential Presidential candidate.

“I think that President Trump and election denying was an albatross around Republican necks,” Utah Senator Mitt Romney said in an interview with CNN. “And frankly, I think he’s been on the mountain too long. We’ve lost three races with him. And I’d like to see someone from the bench, come up and take his place and lead our party and help lead the country.”

“Let’s see who runs. Personally, I don’t think it’s good for the party,” said Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson. “I think his policies were good. I just don’t need all the drama with it.”

“None of us are entitled to these jobs,” said North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer. “He’s certainly not entitled to it. And I certainly won’t be making any decision (to endorse) this soon.”

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