Tom Brady Iffy on Next Step After Buccaneers Elimination

Brady's 23rd football season has ended.

Brady’s 23rd football season has ended.

On Monday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys went head-to-head for the wildcard round of the NFL Playoffs. Despite the presence of prominent NFL star Tom Brady with the Buccs, the game ended 31-14 in the Cowboys’ favor, resulting in the Buccs elimination from the Playoffs in a major upset.

This is the third time in Brady’s entire 23-year career that he’s been on a team eliminated in the first round of the postseason.

“Not the way we wanted to end it, but we didn’t deserve it,” Brady told reporters after the game. “I give them a lot of credit. They played a good game. Made a lot more plays than we did, so a tough night.

“I think there’s a part of football where I feel like it’s — sometimes you get lucky, but most of the time, the team that earns it wins, and they played [well] all year.”

With this game done and the season over for Brady, his contract with the Buccs in nearly up. At the time of writing, Brady has not divulged any concrete news on his next step, whether he’ll seek to re-sign with the Buccs, join a different team, or even reattempt his retirement after last year’s misfire.

“I’m gonna go home and get a good night’s sleep — as good as I can tonight,” Brady said. “This has been all I’ve focused on — this game. It’ll just be one day at a time. Truly.”

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