Researched Methods On Becoming A Better Leader

These are the things that make a proven leader Being a leader is great but you need to work hard to be a strong, respectable leader. Professor at the...

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These are the things that make a proven leader

Being a leader is great but you need to work hard to be a strong, respectable leader. Professor at the University of Hertfordshire, Richard Wiseman, is the author of “How To Remember Everything” explains the science behind what it takes to be a leader.

There are a lot of myths in psychology that people believe is true without any academic or scientific evidence, leading to the delivery of some misinformation. When it comes to brainstorming companies around the world will have a meeting to exchange ideas in the hope of creating some new ones and Wiseman thinks this is a terrible idea.

The research shows that brainstorming sessions are more likely to decrease the number of ideas and originality of possible ideas by approximately 20%. This occurs mostly because in these situations the most dominant people take charge of the meeting and who knew they’re not the most creative people.

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An alternative for a more productive brainstorming session is to allow time for individuals to have their own brainstorm sessions to think of solutions. After the allotted time, hold a meeting together and go around the group giving everyone time to explain their own ideas which can leads to increases in innovation and creativity.

In meetings, it is common for people to sit around wasting time but a solution to this is to have people stand during a meeting to reduce the time of the meeting. Peo0ple want to leave quickly and this allows them to do so in a shorter amount of time.

Handling dishonesty in the workplace you need to examine several factors including how someone can lie across different means of communication. It is more common for people to lie face-to-face but it’s less likely to happen through recorded interactions such as phone calls and text messages.

Only around 10% of emails include lies, as emails are considered recorded communication which people don’t want it traced back to them. The best thing to do when you think someone is being dishonest with you is to have them send you an email.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it” – Estée Lauder

The moment you try to cut down the number of hours you sleep, it can create an epidemic of sleeplessness and sleep is vital for your best work performance. With less sleep, it will affect your performance including productivity, focus, and creativity.

Having your smartphone in bed with you isn’t the best because when you look at the screen it contains blue light that is disruptive to the production of melatonin that your body needs to sleep, making it harder for you to go to sleep. Some smartphones have a night light feature so it will dim the blue light on your phone around the time you go to sleep, easing your brain from your phone to your bed.

To balance sleep patterns, Wiseman says businesses should allow their workers to take a 20-minute nap in the middle of the day to promote productivity.

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