Mac Jones Muses on Going Against Tom Brady

Brady will take on his old team this Sunday.

Brady will take on his old team this Sunday.

This coming Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on their way to play against the New England Patriots. With Tom Brady playing for the Buccs, it’s a bit of a weird situation for the Pats, not to mention a mildly intimidating one, given Brady’s prestige. That said, despite the power of the Buccs as a team with Brady, Mac Jones of the Pats isn’t feeling especially worried.

“It’s really just us against the other team, and that’s how it always will be, and it’s not like one person versus one person, so I think that a lot of it is 11 on 11, and that’s what goes into it, and that’s how they’re going to look at it,” Jones told Fox. “That’s how every team looks at it. It’s just you’re getting a chance to compete in a primetime game, and it just kind of is what it is.”

“I think just handling adversity, you know. Things aren’t always going to go perfect, and they’re never going to go perfect, honestly,” Jones said. “In the NFL, there’s good players on both sides of the ball, and you know, it just goes back to practice execution and just trying to learn and keep moving forward, and like I said, improve on one thing every day and just go from there.”

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