George Santos Admits to Fabricating Political Resume

Santos admitted to lying about his professional and educational history.

Santos admitted to lying about his professional and educational history.

New York GOP member George Santos is one of the current representative-elects for the party in the state, but as of this week, that could change due to a major revelation. Santos admitted this week that the qualifications listed on his political resume, including both his professional history and his educational credentials, were entirely fabricated for the purpose of securing the representative position.

“My sins here are embellishing my resume. I’m sorry,” Santos said in an interview with the New York Post.

Santos admitted that his claims of working for high-profile financial firms like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, as well as attending and graduating from Baruch in 2010, were all falsified, though he stressed that the revelation would not prevent him from seeking the representative position.

“I campaigned talking about the people’s concerns, not my resume,” he said, adding that “I intend to deliver on the promises I made during the campaign.”

In response to these revelations, several Democratic lawmakers around the United States have called for an investigation into Santos and barring him from the representative position.

“We’ve seen people fudge their resume but this is total fabrication,” said Texas Representative Joaquin Castro on Twitter, adding that Santos “should also be investigated by authorities.”

California Representative Eric Swalwell tweeted that Santos “confessed to defrauding the voters of Long Island about his ENTIRE resume” and said he should not be seated alongside the other representative-elects.

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