Emmanuel Macron Reelected as French President

Macron is the first French President to get a second term in 20 years.

Macron is the first French President to get a second term in 20 years.

Over the weekend, the last round of voting was held to determine the next President of France, with the final candidates being incumbent President Emmanuel Macron and far-right politician Marine Le Pen. These two were the last remaining candidates participating in a runoff election after 10 other candidates were eliminated in the last vote earlier this month.

Ultimately, Macron took the win, securing 58.5% of the vote. This makes Macron the first French President to earn a second term in 20 years. In a victory speech, Macron pledged to be a “president for each and every one of you.” He also acknowledged that many of the people who voted for him likely did so more out of an interest in preventing extreme-right ideologies from taking power rather than out of support for his policies. Macron said that he wanted to find a way to address “the anger and disagreements” that empowered his opponents.

“It will be my responsibility and that of those who surround me,” Macron said.

Le Pen admitted her defeat calmly in a concession speech, saying that “A great wind of freedom could have blown over our country, but the ballot box decided otherwise.” She added, though, that this was one of the best showings her party had made in recent memory, and they may have a better showing at the parliamentary elections in June.

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